This Week's Transparency Moment? I'm Exhausted


As a writer, an entrepreneur, and as someone trying to live as honestly and transparently as possible, I'm going to be writing a Friday article about the week and the lessons I learned. No form, no expectation, just sheer honesty and reflection about what went right and what went wrong. Because I'm learning a lot, and I want to share it - for whoever may find it helpful. 

So, here it goes. This first Friday post is dedicated to sleep. Because friends, right now I'm pretty dang exhausted.

The current moment finds me writing at my favorite place, Café Steam, feeling entirely spent – evidenced by the dark circles under my eyes, the headache, the nap I took in the middle of the day and the coffee I just slammed.

For years I've joked about getting by on 3 hours of sleep each night or how I worked 80-90 hour work weeks on the regular. But now, it doesn't seem so funny anymore.

It catches up to you, friends, and I'm feeling it these days.

After the most difficult year of my life in 2016, and the most challenging year focusing on my mental health in 2017, I'm learning that now more than ever, I've gotta be sleeping.

I know I'm late to the game with that important fact, so bear with me. I used to laugh it off, ignore it and pack in as many waking activities as possible, only making time for it all by skimping on sleep. And I still do, tbh. 

Along with negatively impacting my mental health, mood, and health habits, not sleeping has impacted my entrepreneurial hustle, which has probably been the biggest wake-up call of all right now (no pun intended…or is that even a pun? I don't know, I'm too tired.)

When you don't have hustle, you're not really that productive. And even though some of this is due to getting other areas of my life in order or being busy with personal life stuff, I'm pretty confident the top reason I haven't been effective or productive is due to my bad sleeping habits.

*Not that shocking*

In this season of life, I'm working on a few things...primarily discipline. I'll probably write more about this, but for now, just know that first up on the discipline radar is sleep.

There must be something to all of that hard, scientific data about the benefit of sleep, right? Also that latest NPR article about sleep really didn't help my flawed logic. I'm starting to give in to the people who are much more knowledgeable on the topic, as I'm now experiencing that they might, in fact, know what they're talking about. Who knew?

This week? What went right: acceptance. What went wrong: all these bad sleep habits.

But I'll keep working on it. Next week is a new opportunity and I'm determined to get back on track. For me, for my team, and for the companies I'm so blessed to lead.

Have a great weekend of sleep, rest and peace, my friends. That's what I'll be doing!

***trying to do